I took an unexpected drive to Carrickfergus today. Mag got a birthday party invite to go to the cinema followed by dinner in Pizza Hut with friends. I had no problem letting him go and staying at their house over night so we only had to make the journey once today. We need to go to Belfast tomorrow so it will work out well for collecting him.

The afternoon ended up a bit rushed though, we headed off at 1.45 to leave Mag off at chess club. The plan was to use the hour he is in chess club to go pick up a thing I had got off Freecylce then pop in the back door of the Flagship Centre and pick up a little present for the birthday boy. Well best laid plans and all that … Bangor town was a nightmare, it took me ages in the shops and by the time Mag had finished chess club at 3 o’clock I was only just getting my way out of the town. Anyways – long story short we made it to Carrickfergus just in time for the party.

Seb and I stopped off at a parking area by the shore on the way back – we were able to see right across Belfast lough as it was so clear, we walked for a little while and watched the world go by until the light dropped.

I had to laugh, when I arrived home the strong smell of paint hit me as I walked in the front door. Roy had only gone and done the kitchen ceiling with gloss paint.

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