Not Good News

The news this week.

It is not good. My grandmother died early on Monday morning, she had been ill for a while but to be perfectly honest I think no one expected it to happen when it did.

This itself has caused upset to our family but also there are some underlying problems too. The burial is on Saturday and I am not sure I can go. There will be an ex family member there and I am afraid she can be a little bit unpredictable. After her, earlier in the year, vicious tirade against me and my family I have seen what she is capable of – I cannot risk putting my family or myself in the path of her very erratic behaviour again. This person tried to destroy my family and my life (she did not suceed), and after a lot of soul searching and questioning myself as to what was so bad to make her hate me so much I realised that she herself needs to love herself before she can love others. Myself and my family are greater than she will ever be, and one thing I can be sure of is that our popularity and position amongst our friends and the village where we live is good testimony to ourselves.

My grandmother would understand if she were here as she also faced the wrath of the above mentioned, I am not sure others would understand but I dont have to live with ‘others’.

I will always remember my gran, she was special to us and no body can take our fond memories away.

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