Under the table!

Yesterday, the 11th November 2008 was a ‘funny’ day.

I had to do a few errands early on in the day, off to the chemist, newsagent for birthday cards and wrapping paper, and the like. I called in at the Co-Op for the usual food supplies with Seb our 5yo, he was looking at everything as usual. I left him playing at one of the promotional baskets, he was happy and occupied and I continued to stroll along that aisle. I heard him crying and turned to see him talking to a lady. She asked him what the matter was, Seb replied “I have lost my mummy”, Well dear what does she look like?”, much to my amazement he said “You will recognise her because she has hair extensions”.

The woman came up to me and said “ARE you his mummy?” while she scrutinised my hair.

Later in the day we went off to a friend’s house for a birthday party. Her son just turned 12, we did the usual birthday greetings, presents, food etc.
Afterwards Seb was rather quiet, this is where I found him…
Oh and he was eating Sol’s piece of birthday cake.

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