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I want to get my kitchen painted this weekend. Well painted, papered, I don’t really care which right now. We, finally after 5 and a half months, got plans passed for the building of a

I want to get my kitchen painted this weekend. Well painted, papered, I don’t really care which right now. We, finally after 5 and a half months, got plans passed for the building of a fair sized extension to our house and that will include a whole new kitchen. So for now I just want my kitchen fresh and tidy again (which it isn’t very tidy just now). I started emptying my cupboards this morning for a good clean and so far I have managed to do three hours lessons for the kids, been to the butcher shop, chemist, blogged a little and been on freecycle too … not much cleaning going on.

Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the centre of a family home, with people gathering there to do many activities in addition to cooking and eating. The more organized your kitchen is, the more inviting it will be. I love having my kitchen organised, if things are not in tubs with snap tight lids then I think the cupboards look messy and things get spilled easy. I don’t want to have to go wiping everything down all the time.

Its always a good idea to take a quick inventory when you are sorting things out, its perfect way to check what you might need for Christmas which is almost upon us. Are there items that you have unnecessary duplicates of that you don’t really need? If so, get rid of them, do you really need 6 boxes of lasagne? Pass them on to your friends or neighbours, checking the dates as you go of course. Passing extra food on not only makes you feel good but clutters up their cupboards instead – this in turn makes your kitchen look good.

There are a few simple changes that you can make to your kitchen to help with storage. Many items once opened have a habit of spilling out and not stacking neatly. in the cupboards. This is where the snap shut containers come in – tee hee. Pots and pans are a pain, I find they start off neatly stacked but through time you gather more and it seems that no body in the house knows how to stack them apart from you. You could hang your pots with butcher hooks from a rail, this makes them more accessible. There are many nice designs you can buy that will fit with most any décor.

The way your kitchen is laid out will have an impact in how you organize your tools and cooking supplies. An island offers a wonderful workspace that also provides a good deal of storage – my new kitchen is going to have an island. Storing your bakewear near the oven is a logical thing to do. Sometimes the oven itself will have a storage drawer in the base where you can keep baking sheets and less bulky items. Your other baking supplies like spatulas, wooden spoons, and ladles, can be stored in drawers near the oven too.

It is also a good idea to store your dishes, glassware and cutlery near the dishwasher or sink. This reduces the amount of time it takes to put things away after washing. There are many cupboard and drawer organizers that can help maximize your space for storing your dishes as well, many are able to be bought from pound shops and the like.

There are many organization and storage units that can help increase your storage space. Even an extra set of shelves on top of the cabinet can increase your space. Open canisters also make a great place to store larger utensils that don’t always fit well in the drawers.

Every kitchen is laid out a bit differently, so it may take some experimenting to see what sort of system works best for you. But once you establish a system, you might be surprised at how much more organized your kitchen is and how much time you’ll save in preparing meals for your family.

I always find when my kitchen is tidy and organised I am more inspired to go in there and cook or bake!

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