Our daughter went to heaven officially on the 8th November 2001 though she was gone from the 6th. We will never forget.



I wrote these poems when I was still very much grieving (you never really stop). I am sure in literacy terms they are not very good but it was how we were feeling at the time.





(too beautiful for earth)

Your time here is finished,

I certainly know this is true.

I saw you in my dreams,

I knew it was you.

That night you stood before me,

Your silky long dark hair

as beautiful as can be.

I took you in my arms and held you,

for eternity and a day.

You said you would be

my very own guardian angel

watching all the time over me.

So now on earth your job is done,

I have to let you move on.

I saw your cheeky eyes in my thoughts,

your hair, your skin as pure as dawn.

Goodbye, my dear goodbye,

and God rest your soul.

I feel you moving further away from me,

my sad dreams have come to a close.

My life now is about KNOWING…

Knowing you,

because I do,

and knowing that you are at peace.




Already In Heaven

I didn’t hold you in my arms,

I didn’t have your warmth to my breast,

Despite all the things I missed,

I loved you like no other.

I knew you not in life my sweet.

I didn’t hug you or touch your tiny feet,

If I could only stroke your skin

not just feel the warmth from within.

Before I knew it you were gone,

a short whisper of a lifetime.

you were the one I loved

the one I will never forget.

In my thoughts I hugged you

like there was no tomorrow

I wonder if you could see me or feel me,

or were you already in heaven my love?

I was with you for every living minute,

from you conception to your death.

This is the only comfort I have,

knowing – that you weren’t alone.





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