Fireworks and Halloween Ramblings

The ramblings of a mad woman here –

Halloween is over now thank goodness. We don’t really celebrate Halloween as such in our house, not really and not for any particular reason. On Halloween night I arranged a little ‘supper’ for the kids, I made them sandwiches and cocktail sausages and they lounged around and watched Hook. They all enjoyed it and not one of us set our noses out of the front door.
Saying that we don’t celebrate Halloween, became a contradiction when we got some fireworks. Roy bought them from when he was working down in Newry this week, he seemed to get a good deal on the ones he bought. It is quite sad that no body checked to see if he had a licence for the fireworks, in fact the man in the shop said he didn’t need one! The law in Northern Ireland states that for private garden fireworks you must purchase a licence for £30, though I am not sure how many people actually adhere to that law. We had our neighbours in and after the display we shared a take away curry.

Oh and we had a visitor last week – a mouse! We had heard it rattling around the house the last few nights, I am sure it was wearing boots sometimes.
One morning I spotted something moving in the bathroom cupboard, thinking I was imagining things I investigated. I found a mouse alright, and it was eating a slice of toast – yes a slice of toast in the shampoo box. I was wondering how the tiny mouse managed to get the toast there, but then again with four children in the house I am sure it had a helping hand. Then Roy flicked the light on in the middle of the night and announced the mouse was at the bedroom door ….. THIS WAS WAR – no way was a little mouse going to give me another rude awakening.
We set traps and the same night we caught it – the mouse was toast! We have had traps down the rest of the week but nothing else has been caught.

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