This has been an Interesting week to say the least.

Much to my absolute horror I discovered on Tuesday that the children had head lice. The head lice issue has really upset me the last few days an I am glad it is over. The children don’t go to school and the last few weeks have been to the bare minimum amount of clubs (due to loss of privileges) so I have no idea where the lice came from.
I felt most sorry for Toni as she was literally getting ready for a party when I noticed the lice so she could not go. Six grueling days later, daily combing, conditioning, changing bedding and the children appear to be clear of those nasty things. Just as luck would have it I spotted some head lice repellent spray for only £2.50 in Tesco so I bought a couple bottles – those children wont be leaving the house without getting sprayed for a couple of weeks until I am sure everyone is treated and clear at the clubs.

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