This morning we were enduring the chilling winds brought straight in from the Arctic, yet we still had to head out. Wrapping up warm the children and I had to run a few errands to run. We had to stop at the bank, optician and collect some forms for filling in.
After the chores were done we went along the pier at Donaghadee to admire the light house. It isn’t a huge lighthouse but impressive all the same. This worked out well as the children were working on a project about lighthouses last week, today was great for them considering this lighthouse is practically on our doorstep.

The crane on the harbour, Seb was fascinated by it.

The lifeboat.

At home this afternoon I could not resist taking these photos of Seb, he was nursing his baby he just looked a real natural.

Not forgetting Toni – she is gorgeous but then again maybe I am biased.

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