Seb’s Birthday in Photos

There was a full set of circumstances which meant that on Seb’s 5th birthday we weren’t going to be able to do a special tea for him. I was disappointed about that and had suggested that we do something special the day before, which was a Sunday. Seb chose to go to the Transport Museum rather than have a party, to be perfectly honest I much preferred that than having to organise food and entertain everyone.

We had a great afternoon, the children just enjoyed themselves jumping on and off the trains. I am not sure which bit they liked best but they all came home tired and happy.

I find it hard to believe that Seb is 5 years old now. It does not seem like 5 minutes since he was born. Seb has been through a lot of illness, especially in his first year of life – it makes my heart swell now to see him so well. We have come a long way – when he was born I found it hard to get close to him because he was so sick, it took me a long time to develop that special bond that we have now. Six months ago he was in the throws of what felt like delayed terrible twos, now Seb has developed into a lovely boy.

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