Toni’s 6th BIrthday

I am catching up – been so far behind in posting my photos and updates ..been a busy time for us.

These photos are from the 22nd of September 08, I know it was a few Weeks ago but I just had to share. Toni’s 6th Birthday was a bitter sweet day for us all because on her 5th birthday my mother, Toni’s grandmother passed away. Toni’s 5th birthday was spoiled, and now we have to live with that date being not only a special day but a painful reminder of me losing my mother at the young age of 56.

It was a nice day weather ways, which made a chance seeing as it had been raining for the past 3 months. We had quite a few friends to help mark the day, plenty of food and TWO birthday cakes!

first thing on the actual day opening her gifts.

Seb joining in the fun!

Sol too.

Toni got a vet kit.

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