We are back!

Its been an age – posting photos here, chatting to my friends, catching up …well they say “better late than never”. Its only taken me two weeks to trawl through the 600 or so photos

Its been an age – posting photos here, chatting to my friends, catching up …well they say “better late than never”.

Its only taken me two weeks to trawl through the 600 or so photos we have taken between us. Its hard choosing which to print, you cant print them all – nor do you want to.

For those who have been asking where the photos of the blue sky and my where my white bits are … you have to wait. First thing first!

My Grandmother has knocked on deaths door and so far has been refused entry this week. The poor lady is clinging on to life just now, after being given the news earlier this week she wouldn’t make it … she is still here. The doctors are saying “pray”!

Sol went to see the neurosurgeon also, I think I will cover that in another post.

The cat has been to the vet (rolling eyes) AGAIN!! Well good news this time, good news for her, she is now allowed out of that tiny cage she has been in for two months. Her healing has gone way beyond what anyone expected, even though her leg is still dragging she definitely has some muscles in it now.

Sol has started playgroup, again, so to speak. Sol went to playgroup for three days before our holiday, she wasn’t toilet trained so it wasn’t really official if you know what I mean. WELL – our girl has done us proud and is making real efforts to keep dry now.

Before I get onto the sunny photos, and believe me there are loads I have to share this first.

It was our eldest boy, Mag’s, Birthday on the 6th while we were gone. We arranged a cake for him and the girls who ran the kidzworld cooked up a surprise.

This is Mag showing off one of his cards …

By the way, he is mad on cars.

He was unaware that we had ordered a cake and we just spent the day doing normal things you do on a birthday, swimming in the pool, relaxing … just like we do back hone (not).

We had planned on going to a cabaret show that night, it turned out to be a really good show with some quality acts. Anyways we got there to find a table decorated for Mag just to put him in the party mood. We were served chicken in a basket with fries.

This is what Seb thought of it all, well actually it was just a long day for all. Seb fell asleep during the show and missed the whole birthday surprise for Mag.

Half way through the cabaret it was announced that there was a change to the program. The compare asked if there were any ‘special people‘ in the audience – and got Mag up on stage.

After wards they gave Mag a cocktail called Harry Potter which was right up his street. (Mum and dad had a few cocktails too)

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  1. woohoo what a party…I would a harry potter cocktail please,lol…I am so happy that Ashley had such a wonderful night… he will remember that birthday for a long time to come I am sure Mom and Dad will too… Ellis looked very tired, but I am sure he tried his best to keep up,lol…I am sorry your grandma is doing so bad, I hope and pray she will beat the odds…and glad that kitty is coming along too….and girl you were missed…. by lots of your online friends…Hugs and glad your back, I shall post in blog about Leo and his school tomorrow perhaps…

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