Empty Fridge Syndrome

We have no perishable food in the house, none! Yesterday we were fed up with having nothing nice the children decided to ‘bake’.

They made TOPHATS, which to the person who doesn’t know how to make them simply melted chocolate poured into the base of a paper bun case, a marshmallow added and a little smartie or jelly tot stuck on the top with a little more melted choclate.

This is Hollie and Ellis showing off their buns!

On to the topic of why we have no food …. I haven’t bought any!

We are going on holiday tomorrow, and I must say out of all the holidays we have ever been on this is the one I am most looking forward to. Like you couldn’t tell we were looking forward to it, we have bored everyone with our talk of escaping.

Before I start I shall express my sympathies to anyone suffering severe weather like Hurricane Gustav, or any other extreme weather.

The weather here in Northern Ireland has been down right depressing. I am not talking about miserable, I am talking months and months of heavy rain. The dry days this summer can be counted on one hand, even during those dry days it did rain at some point. I myself suffer in the cold weather, I have health problems which make my joints sore and that alone is making me down. I am not one to complain, but I tend to hibernate in the winter but this year it feels as though I have been hibernating all year.

Just now I look out of my dining room window and the sky is grey, the grass is green through all the rain, and the driveway is pretty much one giant puddle. The children are fed up as they cannot go out side and play on their lovely new garden toys that they got this year.

The only saving grace for us is that we are leaving it all behind for a couple of weeks – and for that reason we are all entirely ecstatic.

We had made many plans to go out an about this summer; meet friends, do the garden, paint the house, go cycling … well as you can imagine they all went out of the window because of the weather (or is that a lame excuse?). I feel guilty I hadn’t made more of an effort but my other half assures me that no body minded too much and it seems that no body in the house is going to hold it against me. Just as well I reckon.

Funny quotes this week

The children were talking about dieing.

Seb says “I wont die as I dont go into the kitchen”

Toni replied “Awe Seb, everyone dies once in a while”.

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