The good news today

Its not all bad …

Still upset by Sol’s appointment, but as usual my baby is oblivious and as charming as ever.

We have been looking for holidays next year. Too early you say? Well not considering there are six of us and we need a pretty big apartment when we travel, larger aprtments are like hens teeth so we need to book early to get the pick.

The funny thing is we haven’t even been on this years holiday yet – and IT IS LOOMING, excitedly I have the cases out and stuff in the wash etc. Passports checked and the children are bouncing, LOL me too. We are off to Lanzarote for two weeks soon.

We are going away in September 09 for two weeks too and finally settled on Salou.. here is the place we will be staying next year – the deposit is paid …
Salou is where the theme parks are, so I know the children will have a great time.

We are also hoping to book a fortnight in May and are looking at Turkey, we have somewhere in mind but have not got it booked yet. We need to check the dates as Mag is still set on sitting an exam so we have to make sure he can still sit the exam and have time to revise.

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  1. It's so good to plan a holiday isn't it?We also tend to book early as there are eight of us and late bookings are definitely impossible to ensure we're all in connecting rooms.Salou is beautiful. We went there a few years ago.Enjoy your planning!Moo x


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