I am having a bad week, and its not getting better.

Friday 25th July was our wedding anniversary. I went out to do some errands and bought a “me to you” cake for the family to enjoy. We weren’t planning on going out anywhere that evening

Friday 25th July was our wedding anniversary. I went out to do some errands and bought a “me to you” cake for the family to enjoy. We weren’t planning on going out anywhere that evening due to the fact we had no reliable baby sitter that night, but we had decided that we would just order in some food instead. On arriving back home I turned the car so I could reverse in our drive – its much easier to get out of our driveway if you reverse in. Usually when I arrive home my cat Tigger comes bounding over to see us, but this day I noticed she wasn’t there. So I proceeded to reverse in checking for Tigger as I did, but somehow I managed to run her over. She came from the hedge maybe, I don’t know?

Long story short I called the vet and took her right over, probably what saved her the fact she was there within about 15 minutes of the accident. The children were pretty shook up by it, Hollie she was in shock especially as that night she was talking like a washing machine on full spin.

As the weekend has wore Tigger’s situation has changed, at the minute she has just undergone surgery to put a metal plate and 12 screws in her broken pelvis. The vet has called in the last couple hours explaining that one of her legs is numb and they are talking about amputation now. The bowel and bladder situation is not clear right now, but it was a case of doing the surgery because of the pain she was in. It still may be a case of all the surgery and she not make it – I feel rotten about the whole thing.

To add insult to injury I am feeling a bit “attacked” by a so called friend. It’s been building and the last while she has been ‘talking to me’ about my children’s behaviour which is supposedly in her eyes is not good. My same children whom I can take anywhere and have no issues what so ever about. Just seems that they always manage to be naughty when she is about, just my luck *rolling eyes*. This morning Toni was blowing a little trumpet thing, and I told her she could not take it in the car with us when we went out. Toni said “no” So after a count of three I had to take it from her and tell her off as she was disobeying me. My friend said “my child never says no”, I saw red but smiled sweetly and tried to tell Toni off in such a way not to cause a scene. Another example – this afternoon same friend was sitting telling me how she isn’t going to go to Lanzarote next year, Tenerife is a much better place to go … *rolling eyes* just so happens that WE ARE going to Lanzarote in the very near future. She continues on how “no way am I putting MY son in the kids club, even if I had three or four kids I would NEVER do that”, well she knows there is a kids club at the hotel where we are staying, she knows the children have been in these clubs before, and oh coincidentally I have four kids. I feel she is having digs at me, maybe she is jealous? Feels like she wants me to feel uncomfortable because I allow someone else to take my children for an hour!

The children are going to the local summer scheme this week, it is on for only a week for two hours a day – they love it, they belong to that same youth club and go to camp with the same people so why would they not go to the summer scheme. So the comment went as they were going to the scheme today and she was going home with her son, “Oh my son is not going to that scheme, no way would I send him there”.

Every time we go out there are more comments about us “sitting at home all day”, “Toni is a wall flower, she needs to get out”. I don’t justify myself or what I do but we DO NOT sit at home all day, we home educate our children we are not house bound.

GRRRRRR I am upset and angry about it. I consider myself to be a good mum to our four well balanced children. I have eased up the last week or so on this friendship I feel it may have run its course, I am going to wait and see what happens next visit then decide if it will continue.

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  1. Really hope Tigger pulls through, can't imagine how upset you must all be. I did have a giggle at your description of Hollie being on spin cycle though.As for your 'friend', she sounds a bit like my 'friend'. If her child really never says no I can only assume that it's because the very life force has been crushed out of them. And if you ask my eldest daughter what the best thing about our last holiday was, she'll tell you it was the kids' club – and that was before her sister was even born. Seriously, we couldn't get her out of it. We only saw her at meal times (and only then because they do look you to make sure your children are fed – she complained like mad every time we went to collect her).YOU know what is best for YOUR children.Rubbish Parentblog.rubbishparenting.net

  2. Pulling for Tigger…as for your friend, she sounds a bit jealous and very rude, Amanda you are a wonderful Mom,you care so much for your children and it shows, sounds like your friend is a back biter…Children need interaction with other kids and as long as you approve it doesn't matter one bit how your friend thinks, she seems to be shallow and also a very unhappy person…hugs to you…

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