The Paddling Pools – Cockle Row

On Monday 21st July it was glorious weather – a first in a couple weeks as we seem to have had endless clouds and rain.

I took the opportunity to take the children to the paddling pools to have a picnic and a splash about. Its a few minutes easy walk for the children yet it felt like we were going camping with all the paraphernalia we had to take with us.

The back ground in the above photo is of some old cottages called Cockle Row. They are old fisherman’s cottages which have been developed into a little tourist centre. The cottages have not lost their original charm, with the Heritage cottage showing what Cockle Row would have looked like around 1910 – a typical fisherman’s dwelling, complete with settle (the old name for settee), baby’s cradle, fire crane and open fire and fishermen’s baskets. Info from

This was the view I was enjoying whilst the children played.

Seb showing off

Sol was not too sure at first but she quickly got used to the cold water.

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