Five minutes of Fame For Mag

Yesterday the 19th July was Roy’s Birthday. I had been out shopping on Thursday twice, that’s was another story, and got him some gifts and a card or two. One of those cards was a radio …

Cool isn’t it?

The next night, which was Friday, Mag, Toni and myself were hidden away upstairs in my craft room wrapping presents when I came across the card in a bag. I had forgotten about it, so hadn’t tried it by this stage. We opened it up and realised it actually worked, we tuned in to our favourite station Cool FM . We often listen to Cool, especially in the mornings and have entered many competitions and won a couple too … so knowing that there was a good chance Roy would get a birthday mention we decided to text a birthday mention in. We Said “Hi, Conner (it was Conner Phillips) we are listening to your show on a radio which is actually a birthday card. From Mag PS the birthday card is for my dad whose birthday it is tomorrow”. We sent Toni down stairs to tell Roy to switch the radio on and listen in, hoping Roy would get a happy birthday. There was nothing at the end of the song that was playing then out of the blue my phone rang! It was a private number but I answered it anyway, a voice said “Hi, is that Mag?” I stuttered knowing who it was and said “no, hold on” handed the phone to Mag saying “oh my, its Connor Phillips”. Connor Phillips was live from the Odyssey Cool Pod.

Connor spoke to Mag for several minutes while he played two songs back to back, he chatted and made Mag feel at ease. He said Mag sounded nervous and gave him a few ‘radio’ tips. He then asked if he would like to go live! Mag said yes! He gave a 20 second countdown for him then ….

Mag was live on the radio and Connor was chatting about the fact that not only do you listen to the show on the radio but now on birthday cards. He asked Mag who was there with him. He asked his dad’s name, and his mums name gave us a cheer. He asked Mag what his plans were for the weekend and other chatty things. Then he said “just for your dad and your mum I am going to play the new Cold Play single”

Roy had tears in his eyes as he listened to Mag on the radio, so impromptu and unrehearsed he was touched that we did such a thing for him.

After the ‘live’ interview Connor said the live good bye and played the song, he stayed on the line then Connor came back and told Mag how great he was and said good bye to him properly.

We sent a message of thanks over to Connor later on, telling him how touched Roy was and that we really DID enjoy his show.

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