Thursday 10th July

It was a busy time the last few days.
Last Thursday found me ‘popping’ out to get some new dinner plates. I mean every day dinner plates not the sort you put out for guests, the sort the kids can drop and you wont cry too much. I actually liked the cheap earthenware ones in a catalogue shop so I ended up getting two sets.
Here they are …

Whilst we were in the shopping centre Toni noticed a girl getting her ears pierced in the jewellery shop, she stood and watched with a mixture of envy and curiosity as the girl cuddled a bear during the procedure. The last few months she has been asking what pierced ears felt like, asking about different ear rings you can get. One of her little friends had her ears done too which added to the curiosity. So we had a few minutes and went in to look at the set up. The girl in the shop was lovely, Grace explained everything to Toni and made her feel at ease. We went for a walk round the other shops to talk and ponder over the fact it was fairly simple to get her ears done, Toni decided to go for it. Back in the jewellery shop, she found her self perched on the chair clutching that same teddy bear and me filling out consent forms. GULP. Then she backed out, and that was fine by me.

That evening at home the conversations about the ears came up again, so a brave Toni with new found confidence wanted to go back tot he shop. With a promise that it wont be a wasted journey we went off to get her ears done. Another girl was in same the chair when we arrived and she too managed to survive the procedure, Toni was reassured by this. Meanwhile the mum to the girl just stood with tears in her eyes and her hands clasped tightly over her mouth. Smiling, not knowing what lay ahead I reassured her.
Toni being brave hopped on up and gave the bear a big hug, Grace and another lady pierced both ears at the same time so there was no backing out for her. For a few moments I was thinking “Oh my God, my little girl, I let them put holes in her ears!” Now I realise it was Toni’s choice to get her ears pierced and that I am not such a bad mum after all. We chose a little gold stud with a fuchsia colour stone, small and dainty.
You can just about see them in this photo…

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