Busy Day Saturday – SNOW?!

Saturday 12th July

The 12th of July was actually a holiday day here where we live. With it being a holiday and people headed down the coast to see the demonstrations we figured that it would be a nice quiet day to go out.

Our neighbours, who we are very good friends with came with us. We headed to the Marina in the next town …

We walked along the coastal path past the marina and round to the kiddies play park.

The two girls are great friends with our children – I took this photo not realising that Toni and one of them was holding hands. awwww

We had a lovely morning then lunch and ice creams before we headed home.

Did I tell you it snowed while we were out?

Just Kidding – someone put a bottle of bubble bath inthe water fountain

That afternoon we went to a barbeque then home again for tea time. It was hard at the barbeque, Roy and I already knew we had an evening invite back at our neighbours for dinner -they were going on holiday and we wanted to spend some time together. So we let the kids munch their way through the barbeque food while we politely pushed a salad around our plates.

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