The Boat Race

Yesterday, and I am saying yesterday … I had great intentions of blogging last night and it wasn’t to be. I spent the morning doing housework, laundry and sorting stuff out. It took me ages, and I think back to when it was just Mag and I … hhhmmmm I used to get our ironing done in half an hour LOL. I even managed to organise a competition between the little ones – who can pair up the most pairs of socks. This was funny and they had a little wager amongst them selves, they managed 12 pairs each until they realised that mummy was probably conning them and went away to do their own thing.

Anyways the day wore on so I thought I oughta do something slightly educational and constructive with the children – We joined the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives weekly projects last year – I think it was something like £20 for all the children and that includes mailings, stickers, charts, and weekly topics on the Internet. We spent the afternoon doing the activity sheets that we had missed the last few weeks and coloured a few of the print off sheets. It was nice for us to sit round the table after being busy the last few days.

After tea we decided to take the children for a walk into he village. Roy had noticed earlier in the day some marker buoys set up in the water and had suspected there was something going on. As luck would have it when we got down the sea front there was a boat race on – the boats at this stage were close to the shore. Of all nights I fail to take my camera with me it just had to be this one as it was so picturesque. The race officials were standing around and called over to us to cover our ears – they sounded a loud horn to start the race. And true to form Seb went over to them to enquire what all the noise was about, they explained and he was captivated. The officials then asked Seb if he would like to sound the next horn which was the five minute mark. They unhooked the switches and brought them down to his level, when it came to the time he got a count down and he pushed the button to sound the 5-minute boat race horn. Seb was just the happiest boy on earth at that moment and I was thrilled for him too. Its such small things in life that make children happy, and getting to push a button made my son’s day.

Then last night I went on line and picked up a cheap as chips printer from Tesco dot com just to keep in the dining room – saves us running up the stairs to the big printer every time we want to print something off. We have been looking at the wireless printers, and quite fancy the lexmark one that is an all singing and all dancing job but we are going to wait a bit till we get downstairs all decorated – I just don’t have a designated surface for it just now, and there is no way Roy is gonna get to keep it in his office …. hmmm I might find a spot in my craft room but even then that’s risky. The £14 tesco printer will probably get stuffed in a cupboard while not in use so will do its job for now.

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