He’s Off

Mag that is … Number one son is off to summer camp for a week.

I will miss him, I always do and the day before him going he had a few moments where he thought he would not be able to leave me either.

It was a long day, we headed off at about half past 11 and stopped on the way to feed the children. it was a cold wet afternoon but the journey was okay despite this. I hope he hasn’t forgotten anything LOL I should stop worrying about him. We did the scenic route on the way home and was tempted to call in on some friends on the way home – but when it came to near the time the kids were all over tired.

As agreed with our neighbours we were having their two little girls in for a sleepover when we got home. The neighbours were having a few friends around and I thought it would be nice to offer to take their children. The neighbour’s two girls are age 5 & 3, they are sweet girls but the eldest can get a bit ‘active’ at times so she keeps you on your toes. Between the hours of 7pm and 11pm the house was bedlam – talk about musical beds. I ended up with one child who wasn’t even my own sleeping in my arms on the sofa, Sol was in her own room, the others well ……. Toni, Seb and the eldest girl bedded down in Mag’s room! When we eventually got everyone in bed and sleeping after 11 and we were exhausted.

The children did not wake till seven this morning which I was quite happy about. Breakfast went smoothly and that gave them bags of energy so they could drag all the toys from the TV room into my dining room! The place was T-R-A-S-H-E-D! I don’t mind though it makes for an interesting life.

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