VISIT TO THE ARK – 18th june 2008

We went to the Ark farm, I had taken along one of my neighbours children also. The trip was organised by playgroup but we stayed on at the farm for a while after everyone had left – making the most of our tickets when the place was quiet.

At first Sol was nervous of some of the animals, but as the day progressed she came to like them all. she was particularly fond of the little chicks and got to hold one a couple of times to her delight.

The funny point of the day was lunch time when we got our picnic lunches out. the little girl who came with us had her own packed lunch, so I opened it and popped her sandwiches down in front of her. Then I had to do a double take – she was eating dry bread! further investigations lead me to a tin of vegetable soup in her picnic bag – DOH! thankfully we had enough for her to eat too. Story goes – mum was making the lunches and dad said “already done” so mum abandoned making the sandwiches trusting that the dad has it all in hand. I don’t think he will ever live the day down when he sent his 3 year old on a picnic with a tin of soup.

here are the photos – well a couple of them …

Seb, he is a bit nervous of the bunny.

Me – and Sol!

Sol at the farm park

Toni & Mag

An Alpaca

Hannah the girl from next door and Toni.

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