Tally Ho (fathers day)

Fathers day started off with the whispers outside the bedroom door. The children had made a huge plate of toast with jam for Roy and some tea. To be perfectly honest I think it was jam with a little bit of toast stuck under it, and the teabag must have waved across the top of the cup too BUT you cant blame the children for making a real special effort. Soon the gifts were done and we had a debate on where to go for the day…

We plumped for Ward Park which is a bird park with lots of greenery and water flowing through. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ward_Park There are also tennis courts, and other sports areas joined to the park too.

We parked at the sports end of the park, as we had Toni’s bike in the car. We took off her stabilisers and gave her a bucket full of encouragement, after a few wobbly attempts Toni mastered the art of balancing on her bike. this was probably the best fathers day gift of all for Roy, he was as pleased as punch that he had taught his daughter how to ride on two wheels.

This is Mag “twittering” about the event -as you can see he was terribly excited!

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