I haven’t blogged for ages so all this stuff is old news I guess but I am going to blog it anyway …

A couple of weeks ago Roy went out to help a friend fix an oven and came back with two furry friends. Long story – but a couple of years ago we were visiting a car boot sale and Roy bought two hamster cages for a fiver. It came to be a standing joke how we have cages yet no hamsters. Over the years we had one cage stolen from our shed but still the joke stood.

So in Roy comes on a Saturday afternoon with two Chinese Dwarf hamsters named Tom and Jerry. they are cute little things but despite the long wait to fill the remaining hamster cage we realised it would not do. As the owner of two cats a cage with bars would just not do! So we had to go get a new hamster cage which is a rotastak creepy castle.

Here’s Tom, or maybe its Jerry – they both look the same.

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