Walk in the woods

Today, Sunday, we went for a walk in a place called Strickland’s Glen. It was pleasant enough, a series of pathways lead down through the woods eventually leading out onto the shore. There were some streams leading into a lake, you can see in one of the photos one of the little waterfalls. I thought it was pretty and I am only sorry I did not do some serious photography I guess I did not plan it well enough.

We had some maggots left from the children’s fishing on Friday so we got rid of them today too – feeding the fish was a gross experience for me.

Sol walked great today, her two year old legs held up well. The sea was choppy when we reached the shore so she was a put scared of the sound the waves made, she managed though.

On the way back we thought we would be lazy and picked up a couple bags of chips, and some goujons for tea which pleased everyone, even if I have got indigestion now!

This evening was calm, we just sat in the garden savouring the last few minutes of sunshine. the children bounced on the trampoline and played on the kiddie cars until it was time for them to go to bed at 8 o’clock.

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