From bad to good

The week did not start off well! A friend passed away – in our old house just up the road from where we live now we grew to love the couple next door. I will

The week did not start off well! A friend passed away – in our old house just up the road from where we live now we grew to love the couple next door. I will never forget the support they offered us when our baby Molly was lost, those days shortly afterwards were pretty dark – and our neighbours were there for us. Good times and bad, and despite the age difference we had a laugh many an afternoon spent chatting. Robert Alexander Martin passed suddenly on the 15th May, the funeral was Tuesday, it was a sad day.

Monday – we got a visit from a friend. Not sure if the friend was visiting us or just wanted a run out in her new car teehee. It was a pleasant afternoon just sitting in the garden watching our nine children run round crazy. Those children are a hungry bunch too – you want to have seen the plate of sandwiches they polished off in ten seconds.

Tuesday was the funeral as I already mentioned, it put a damper on the rest of the day.

Thursday saw us head off to a neighbouring village with the children. Roy had left early that day to go to Manchester, so we had use of the big car. I had left the children’s glasses prescriptions in at our optician so the plan was to collect three of the four pairs. I met with some friends and we had a very pleasant afternoon chatting and walking, while the kids munched away on crisps and ice lollies. I also picked up a couple presents for our friend whose birthday was Friday 23rd. We got her a ginger bread smelly candle, it was gorgeous and i could have easily kept it for myself. Far nicer than any of the yankee candles I have mmmm. We also got her a tiny glass perfume bottle for her dressing table, she loved it and I have to agree it was so pretty.

After getting the kids into bed I made our friend a birthday card. I used some pressed lavender flowers that another friend had given me and put it in a little vase on the front of some co ordinating lavender card. I also made two little sachets and put some dried lavender in them and popped them inside the card. Its been a long time since I made a card for someone – done plenty of scrap booking but no cards. I love spending time in my little craft room, its upstairs away from the rest of the house so I can just leave stuff laid out as I like.

here is the card

Friday – we visited the friend whose birthday it was and had the best morning sitting in her sun room while the children played out side. The friend was delighted to see us and it restored some spirit in us, we are not so bad after all. That was a nice ending to the week that started off rubbish. In the evening Roy took the children fishing, leaving Sol and I at home for some nice quiet ‘sit down’ time, I did a little scrapbooking and some laundry!

Saturday – the children did not wake early for a change so Roy and I had a nice cup of tea in bed and a read at our books. When we did make the effort to get up Roy cut the grass and I headed off into the town with two of the children to drop them at chess club. Instead of coming home I took a walk round the shops, picking up a few bargains from Boots and Asda. When we got home it was time to make tea, then time rolled on to the children’s bedtime. Come 11pm we were sat laughing at how boring our lives were, Saturday night with a Muller chocolate corner yoghurt thing and a cup of tea with endless episodes of CSI and Criminal Minds.

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