8th May 2008 – Seb’s operation

I wish I had more to say this evening, but I am utterly exhausted so I will spare you the gory bits and keep this short.

He made it through! Seb had his operation and mummy survived although ten very short fingernails later. I know this is routine stuff but it is quite overwhelming sitting there whilst people work around you trying to put your baby to sleep for an operation.
They had to stick him a number of times in both hands and feet – he was just determined not to make it easy. In the end the anaesthetist gave him gas and from there on in it was plain sailing (thank goodness – I don’t think I would have coped).

He recovered quickly and got home this afternoon which was great for the family too. Toni had been upset all morning, last time she knew someone go into hospital they passed away so I think this was playing on her mind.
and Sol – well she didn’t miss me much, just her ‘ga-gums’ which is her word for the milk which only I can supply.

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