DEAR DIARY (2nd May 2008)

Lunch was at 12 today, and that was the end of formal lessons as the children have worked particularly hard this week. The weather was too nice to stick around the house so we packed a picnic and headed into the village. Three hours playing hide and seek, making daisy chains, playing with two other children we met, went by unnoticed.

A brief visit to the park put the children in good stead for the walk home.

We stopped at the post office to cash a postal order, and the children ended up helping the post man! They helped empty the pillar box, the Mag & Seb proceeded to carry the parcels and mail bags out to the van, chatting all the while with the friendly post man. We know the post master well, so there is no issue about this, in fact its nice to be able to do this sort of thing as it would not happen in the city!

On the walk home we came across a friendly man operating a small digger outside a house he was doing work on. The digger driver noticed the Seb watching him intently so he put on a little ‘digger display’ for us. He demonstrated how he could lift his bucket up and down, and managed to scoop up some tools for us too – we thanked him and went on our way. By the time we got home it was tea time and this is where I will end.

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