I faked it

My sun tan that is. I hate how that stuff smells so I always put in on an hour before I shower, that way I get the tan without the icky coconut smell. I love coconut but this stuff stinks. Sitting here smelling icky I thought I had better give you a quick update…

We had another busy week last week. The highlight if it had to have been a visit to a friend from our home education group. That’s how I met her, but I think now we have become good friends which is nice. Anyways – she is pregnant, very pregnant with baby due in a couple months its pretty obvious. On arrival, Seb after doing his obligatory toilet inspection, decided to tell my friend that she was fat. Quite bold about it, and thank goodness she is pregnant otherwise I might have just had to turn and leave there and then LOL. The visit went well, although it was late when we left and I think everyone was exhausted. We had hot dogs on the way home and the kids fell into bed tired and happy.

The following day, or maybe day after Seb was thinking about my “fat friend” (sorry no offence meant D.), this was obviously playing on his mind. He went into playgroup and told everyone that I was having baby! They asked him “are you sure?”, and yes he was so sure about that. My friend who runs the playgroup was explaining how I wasn’t pregnant to Ellis as she knows I would have told her, but he kept on insisting. So it looks I am having a baby too – LOL I wish I had that excuse for my stomach.

The weekend brought another further incident regarding our windows *sigh* one of those weeks, we discovered one of the 8ft double glazed windows in the TV room had broken, huge cracks running all over it. Total loss as to how it happened, so now we need to get that seen to. KERCHING KERCHING I can see this will cost a few pounds.

The window escapades over we had three parties to go to, come Sunday night the kids had so many e-numbers and junk food they were high as kites … at least they had fun, and a week of detoxing is underway.

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