29th April 2008

Returning from the hospital – Tuesday night and feeling like I dont want to do anything more today. this was Seb’s pre op appointment for next Thursday. He is having vents in his ears and his adenoids removed, I think he needs it as his right ear wasn’t even measuring on the scale today when they tested him. not much more to say about that, otherwise fit and healthy and not even caring what is going to happen to him.

I did have a bad case of MBS (mummy brain syndrome) today, somehow I thought Toni had her Rainbows display tonight – turns out I am only a month wrong – thank goodness I re read her letter instead of turning up.

Mag had his BB display last night – he got his gold badge for being there 7 years and a trophy for being best all round boy which I am really proud of him for. this is his last year, and then he moves on to a company section. the leaders all spoke very highly of him.

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