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We have been working hard the last few weeks trying to get the kids rooms back in order. the children are sharing just now – boys together, girls together …. we do actually have 5 bedrooms but Roy has taken over the main room as his office and the other room is used for storage just now though that is going to change soon. We have plans submitted to the planning office to extend out house and make an office for Roy as well as a new kitchen, family room, additional bathroom and utility room. We also have submitted plans to demolish our garage and rebuild but with a second story creating more space – I think the hope is eventually that Roy will move out there – his office – not him literally OR make it into kids playroom and a learning room … I dont like say classroom but it explains to you what I mean by learning room. Dear knows where all the money is coming from. I can see that we will have to split the building project into two or three phases but we will worry about that when the plans are through!

Anyway, cut through the rambling now as I want to show off the boys room …

The photos are stitched so to speak so its a stretched out version and definitely not in proportion ….

the light fitting which they love

And a wall hanging which we have made from an old quilt stretched over a wooden frame. Mag was upset about getting new bedding and not being able to use his old ….. so we made a wooden frame and stapled the old quilt cover on it. Its not hung yet but will be dont this weekend with a bit of luck ….

Now I just need to work on the boys keeping the room tidy – just now all their toys are heaped in the TV room, I am hoping on moving them in today.

OTHER house stuff …
Our bathroom window hinges are banjaxed so we had take the window out to get them fixed …all day yesterday we sat in draughts! The window shop needed to see the whole thing, we got new brackets and hinges now thank goodness.

here it is ….. and a sneaky of my bathroom

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