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Well its been a mad few days …

We have been mad here this last couple weeks. Decorating the kids bedrooms has indeed taken its toll on my physical being – LOL – in other words I ache all over. The final thing is tomorrow morning when the man comes and installs the last of the robes. That is for a few weeks then we plan to start the next phase.

I need to first update you on the Kids eye appointment this week. Seb, Toni, and Sol attend the hospital for eye problems. Toni was signed off from the hospital’s books, just as I thought as her issues are purely borderline and our own optician is able to deal with her. Seb – he is very long sighted, and with his glasses on is doing great so no news there. Sol – well they did the general tests on her and her left eye is still very week, with both eyes and glasses she can see well enough to get around and see sweets that she would like to eat. But with the right eye patched and even with glasses on she can see very little. Seb and Sol are going for detailed eye measurements in May to check their prescription glasses are still right for them.

Here is Sol, we try to patch her good eye to improve her bad eye .. it is having a small affect for her cosmetically or should I say a big affect as she used to be virtually cross eyed all the time. now her eyes are straighter even if they don’t work right at least she looks good. Its not often I photograph her like this, quite frankly I find it upsetting BUT I do want her to be able to look back and see how things were when she was growing up.

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