Good start to the day (not)

5.08 am this morning Toni decided to get up. She banged her way down the hallway to the bathroom, banging the bathroom door and noisily locking it. Then she banged the door on the way out, banged up the hall to my bedroom asking for a tissue. I explained to her to go quietly and she banged into the dining room and banged out of it with the “snowy white” tissues that she had to tell the world about. By 6.00 am Toni, Seb and Sol were playing at full force in Toni bedroom. Its amazing how loud these role play games can be when you ask them to hush.

It seems the quieter you want them to be is proportional to the more noise they can possibly make.

To top it off the water people are digging up the road to replace water pipes and they said our water will be off from 9.30am till 8pm – JOY.

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