Found this on yahoo – an ITN news report from March 08

I know this is old news but I find it beggers belief that 22.4 % of teachers have dealt with kids carrying weapons. So for every child discovered with a weapon in school how many are not discovered?

Growing numbers of pupils are found carrying drugs and weapons every week at school, a report has warned.
A core of schools saw a significant increase in pupils with guns, knives and illegal drugs over the past seven years, the study from Warwick University found.
Teachers warned the trend was not restricted to gangs in large cities as provincial towns and rural areas also saw more youngsters arming themselves with weapons for “protection”.
The study of 1,500 teachers by Dr Sean Neill, from Warwick’s Institute of Education, suggested some schools faced severe problems.
“More teachers encountered offensive weapons more frequently in 2008 compared with 2001,” the report said.
Nearly one in four teachers – 22.4 per cent – had to deal with pupils carrying weapons at least once a year.
The research also found “significantly more” teachers encountered pupils dealing illegal drugs on a monthly and weekly basis than seven years ago.

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