15th April 2008

It’s been a funny day here. I don’t feel we have done anything hugely productive, well not much really.

The children did some work this morning, Mag answered some questions from his science books. He loves sciences, and ‘has’ to write it all down. He measured his feet and calculated some mass and areas. Toni did some reading, writing, and some number work from her work books which she loves. We read some more about volcanoes and checked up on the currently erupting Nevado del Huila volcano in Columbia, the children are interested in volcanoes in a big way just now.

Miss Toni is suffering with the cold just now, so this afternoon I gave her some sudafed and the children just had some down time for a change, I think they needed it after the busy couple weeks we have had. I found Toni and Seb asleep on Mag’s bedroom floor wrapped up in ‘pie beds’, Mag was dozing on his bed. The boys toys are still piled up in the TV room as we are waiting to finish off the bedrooms, and I know this must be affecting them. I hate having things upside down, I know Toni and Seb are affected in the same way when things are not as they usually are.

And Mag – well this evening I have to say he did a brilliant job – he made his first flat pack up by following the instructions and with no help what so ever. He is as pleased as anything, and I think with it being a little cabinet for his new bedroom it might help to give him a bit of pride in his room and maybe keep it tidy.

here it is …

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