14th April 2008

I was speaking with a teacher today – not your every day teacher but a man who taught my husband at school who now runs a private tutoring place. Anyways – you would think being a private teacher he would be a bit more open minded about home education …

He was a real go to school advocate – got to get no1 son to mix with other kids his own age. LOL The son in question goes to Boys Brigade, Two different Chess clubs (is close to be playing at championship level for seniors), Games Club, Youth Club, Bible Class, Goes to camp in the holidays and believe it or not he DOES in fact have FRIENDS.

Seems we don’t learn enough either, my children ‘need’ to be in school so they can learn a wide variety of subjects. hhhmmmm I was wondering when the last time my kids were just restricted to the handful of subjects on offer at schools these days – makes you wonder what people think about us.


Was a funny day, I got Mah kicked off doing some work out of his English books today. He doesn’t like English but I like him to do some sort of formal study on the subject … though sometimes I wonder whether or not I should push it, as he loves learning about everything else. He learns by many means too so it is something we need to explore for English, I have tried different books but it still doesn’t light his fire. Toni read to me for a while and then drew pictures of things from her books. Her art work is brilliant these days, she would ask to draw virtually every time she sits at the table. She also copied some words from her book to make a little story.
I didn’t push any of the children as I am pretty tired after the 4.30 start this morning. Hubby was heading off for Scotland and of course when he is up showering, having breakfast and so on everyone else knows about it. I never known anyone to make so much noise when trying to be quiet, seems to me the harder you try to be quiet the noisier you get.

My friend came round at lunch time and we both got stuck in trying to make the rest of the house look a bit more normal, seems to me that when you are decorating one or two rooms the mess migrates outwards at an amazing speed. She left in time to go collect her son from school and I just got some other bits done around the house.

Tomorrow morning my tesco.com shopping arrives, just as well as we have no cornflakes left. Also the boys’ new bedding and some other bits for the rooms, so it looks like I am building up flat pack tv units tomorrow.

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