A peg too close! 13th April 2008

Look at this!

This yellow peg which is from one of those picture maker toys. This peg ended up side aways up my Seb’s nose. Funny – yeah right! I put him for time out, he was being stupid and the sad thing is I cannot even remember now why he was in time out. Time out is our porch, some people have a naughty step but us – the porch! Its got a glass door where you can keep an eye on ‘them’ when they are in time out! YEAH RIGHT! There is a 8 foot tall plant in there too – Arthur, he looks after the children when they have been naughty. If the kids mess about in time out Arthur tends to fall over so they daren’t move an inch. Well – after a moment or two in the porch my 4 year old started yelling, I called him him and saw he had a bloody nose. Wondered what he was up to, I was also half way through doing Sol’s nappy change so I made him stand still and be quiet while I finished up. I managed to get a few sobs about a toy up his nose, and sure enough I looked and there it was. He kept sniffing but thankfully it was wedged side aways so could not go up any further. I yelled for No1 son to go looking in my little pen basket for a pair of tweezers – I just put them there a couple days ago …. thank goodness. and we got Seb up on the kitchen stool and performed the surgery.

Crying afterwards he was complaining about me sticking tweezers up his nose – ungrateful boy! His nose bled off and on all day, the peg cut him while it was coming back down but there wasn’t much I could do about that.

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