17th March 08 – DISASTER STRIKES

Our fishtank broke! Well cracked, leaked … luckily I noticed it fairly quickly and luckily we had a spare tank in the garage, and luckily husband was there on hand! It was late Sunday evening where I popped into out TV room to lock the interior doors as our heating had gone off. The interior doors divide the house and when they are open its cooler as the back of the house is not sheltered from the weather. I noticed the water level had dropped in the tank and realised something wasn’t right. Looked down the back and it was trickling down through all the electrical stuff for the tank, and making a real mess of the floor. The water had also penetrated the cupboards under the tank and several books were ruined.
So we spent our Sunday evening negotiating a 4 foot long tank into the house, adding gravel and rescuing fish and water from the old tank.
They all survived despite their ordeal.

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