13th March 2008

Well, it isn’t totally a “purrfect” day for me. Its been a hellish couple weeks for our family. And to top everything my grandmother has been admitted into hospital. She is in her mid 80s and a couple weeks ago had a little fall and hurt her back. she went to A&E and they decided to admit her into a community hospital for a couple days physiotheraphy, and said that would do the trick. Whilst she has been in for her physio she has managed to fall another two times and is now on Oxygen as her SATS levels are too low. It beggers belief how someone can get so sick so quick, and it just doesn’t feel right that this could be the case, especially considering both falls she had in hospital she was left undiscovered for a period of time. Are they negligent? Well who is to know for sure. So she cant walk now, and they wont let her out of bed incase she falls again, she has hardly had any physio and is miserable wanting to come home yet she is too sick to come home.
I cant see a way out, if they dont let her walk she wont get strong. If she cant get strong she wont want to get better – going from able to invalid in two weeks is not a good sign.

We need to consider complaining, getting her moved perhaps.

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