10th February 2008

Its been a funny old weekend here, Sunday night and the house is quiet so I thought I would catch up online.

My husband today went to take some rubbish to the dump and get the car washed – five hours later he got home. Meanwhile no1 son and I had been taking it in turns to call him on his mobile phone, which of course he wasn’t answering. Why do men do that, just go off to do a simple job then get lost. If I were at the store and was gone five hours I would like to think he might worry about me. HMMMM So he had only popped in with his friends for a few minutes to find out how their holiday was to Great Universal Studios, Florida – it was great by all accounts and several cups of tea later Roy thought he ought to come home. So I asked him why he didn’t answer his phone, he told me he had left it in the car. DOH did it not occur to him to get up and walk over to his car, open the door and pick his phone up and perhaps press the no1 number in his phone book. Well, aparantly that is too difficult, even for a man.

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