Holiday Woes

Just how difficult do you think it would be to book a holiday or vacation as the Americans call it. Well, apparantly it is – with four children our choices are somewhat limited, and what would happen when the next baby comes along. We just want to go to the Canaries in May, a short 50 miles away from Africa and not too far from the equator too the islands make for beautiful all year round weather. Prodomontly English speaking but with Spanish being their main language it will be great for the kids educationally – tee hee had to get that in, we are learning spanish right now HOLA!
So off I went to the travel agent and asked her to do some looking for us, was harder than it seems. Virtually no where allows you to have an apartment with enough rooms foor our brood, we are too many to squeeze into a studio, and hotels are out as the little ones cannot have a room or suite on their own. Nor do I wish to spend the fortnight seperated from my husband at possibly different ends of some spread out accomodation complex. We spent a fair few hours trawling the old favourite holiday web sites too – all to no avail.

So our search continues …

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