4th February 2008

Its been ages since I updated all my friends …

So here I go. To sum it all up in as few words as possible as I am sure you dont want to read lengthy explanations as to where I have been and what I have been doing.

First things first, Mag got his transfer exam results and he got an A. Just the result we were hoping for, and I just knew he would get an A too as he was getting close to 100% correct in his practice papers. This means that any school would be open for him to go to next year so long as they had places available. Though we are still going to home educate it was good to keep our options open. He wanted to do the exam and its a good measure of his ability and also I know we are on the right track with regards to what he is learning.

Other news this week – we had a death in the family. One of our cats, Scooby passed away on Friday morning. The children were pretty upset about it, but I guess this is a valuable lesson for them about how fragile life is. Poor Scooby just slipped into a coma like state, we found him laying in his kennel cold and lifeless. Off we went to the vet, and he explained that Scooby had signs of brain swelling with two or three possible causes. If it was poison then he would sleep it off perhaps, there is a new type of poison being used for mice and it affects other animals like this. the other alternatives were a head trauma caused by a fall, which I think is unlikely considering there was no visable injuries. The other thing was that he had an underlaying problem and just bled into his brain, thats what we settled for due to the absence of any other injuries. He had a big steroid injection and some muscle injections but it was all futile in the end.

We are left with Mistra who is very old and Tigger.

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