31st January 2008

Well this week has been eventful in some ways to say the least.

Its less than 48 hours to go until Mag gets his transfer exam results. With that in mind and the fact we need to decide within a week or what direstion his next years education will go.

We have looked at two grammar schools and another one to go to tonight. So far we have 50 / 50 rate of liking and disliking the schools for various reasons. I cant name them here but I was disapointed with one and it’s set of grades, and the other school seemed to thrive. One of the schools has zero tolerance for bullying and the other has recently suspended a victim of bullying because he suffered mental concerns due to the fact he had a broken bottle pushed in to his face and this happened in school. Dont get me wrong, we dont live in a ‘bad’ area, in fact we are all pretty civilised here but I still wont take any chances when it comes to my much loved children.

Mag on the other hand is showing resistance to enter back into the school system again, and I dont blame him after the good year we have had. We have had a huge amount of fun while we have been home educating and I feel the children have grown so much as a result of the good balance of education and play.

So we finally made our minds up and we are going to continue to home educate, and this decision I am very happy about.

There may be a few technical issues to iron out with regards to him sitting any exams, and this means we have to find a facility where he is allowed to come in as an external candidate. This is some time away so we have plenty of time to sort it all out.

So it looks like I have a new profession – teacher!

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