16th January 2008

Looks like we have a budding chef in our house! Mag made dinner for us last night and we all survived, joking, it turned out well.

here is his recipe

Sausage Pasta Bake

What you need

good pack of fat sausages
3 carrots
olive oil
some paprika
BBQ sauce

Cook a half pan of pasta according tot he packet directions and drain

cut up the sausages into small bite size chunks
slice the carrots wafer thin
sprinkle a bit of olive oil round a frying pan and fry the carrots and sausages till browned
add sprinkling of paprika at this browning stage
once sausages are cooked add a splodge of BBQ sauce and a good lashing of ketchup
stir and cook for another moment or two

grate a stack of cheese

mix coked pasta, sausage ketchup mix, and cheese in a big Pyrex dish.

throw the dish into a hot oven until its cooked to your liking

serve and enjoy!

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