15th February 2008

My two girls are a hoot, and everyday they come out with something new especially baby Sol who isn’t really a baby anymore. Sol’s speech seems to have suddenly exploded the last while, she repeats virtually everything you say to her and I am pleased as its a far cry from how she was just a couple months back.

Sol’s Quote for the day … She was playing on the floor and I was sat with her, she lifted her toy box up and trumped (farted, passed wind if you are polite), usually she says “me trump”. So I said to her “Sol, what was that?” and she said back to me in the huskiest voice she could find “dirty girl!”. It was so funny and I have no idea where she learned it from.

Toni’s Quote for the day … We were doing out table work this morning, we call it table work as it isn’t school work! Sat reading some three letter words which contain vowels and correspond to certain pictures. there was a picture of a man with his wig blowing away in the wind. Toni had never seen a wig before and thought it was quite funny, I had to explain to her that some people who don’t have enough hair would wear wigs. “Daddy used to have a wig mummy, now he doesn’t wear it anymore” Of course realising other half’s hair is receding she assumed his previous hair was a wig!

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