13th January 2008

Not that I mind – advice that is.

We home educate, and as a family we always have our ears open to new ideas and things.
This little mini rant is about a friend, who shall remain nameless and has experienced the ups and downs of the difficult and long drawn out decision to home educate. She was there when we researched and dug up all sorts of statistics regarding how good it was for children. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an attack on the schools system (well not really) but we made our choices based on what was available to us in the rural area in which we live. I have read and read about what the children need to learn, spent money on books and downloaded the curiculum guidelines. Anyways – this friend went to an open day held at a school which isn’t too far away from her home, she loved it which is wonderful. I am sure it is the right school for her child. So on returning from the school she advised me that I should go and look so I know what to teach my children next year.

Ever feel like banging your head off a brick wall!

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