Saturday 12th January

I am so tired today, was up too late last night doing stuff in the house and on the net. My own fault really, I did brighten up this evening once the children went to bed. It has been a busy few days with DH being away, he left on Wednesday morning at 5.30am and will returning at some point during the night tonight.
He called me today whilst standing in Old Trafford at the beginning of the Manchester united v Newcastle Utd match. You could hear the crowds and the noise was tremendous, I guess to be there would have been a real experience. Manchester United went on to have a 6-0 win (thank goodness) which has pleased all the men in our house. I am only sorry now that we didn’t find a way to get Mag to go over to see the match.

NEWS!! Manchester United moved back to the top of the Premier League with a 6-0 thrashing of crisis-club Newcastle at Old Trafford….

The children had fun today playing with the dolls today. I was fortunate enough to get Toni a baby alive for £15, and Sol a baby Annabel for £10 in the sales this week – I love the January sales! The children all had Christmas money, and we always ask for money or vouchers it just makes more sense to spend in the sales than just a few days previous. Sol took to her ‘baby’ like a duck takes to water. I was taken aback to see her using the bottle to feed her baby, she kissed it and played with it just like it was real.

The funny things that children do – Sol loves the washing basket, first off the baby went in and was being rocked but then she decided that she should pop in too.

My neighbours (and friends) treated me to a Chinese meal take away tonight and we watched a movie. It was I Am Legend with Will Smith – it was kind of freaky. Enjoyable in a Will Smith sort of way but a real thought provoking film. I came home to discover my no1 son had left the back door unlocked. So I stealed myself to step into the back garden to see how clear the sky was as last night the stars were so bright, but then I had second thoughts and quickly closed the door.

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