Explain That!

Well here I am after 11pm, and the day is almost over.
Awoke early this morning to the chorus of hungry children lamenting about how they will die if they don’t eat. As if!
My step father stayed with us last night as my husband was away on business so he was good in helping get the children organised today. Seb went off to playgroup as usual at 9.15 and our school day stayed at home.
Mag is learning about the Ancient Egyptions just now, and boy has he done that topic to death …but he likes it so what can I say. We did some fractions for maths and some connectives too. i was looking on amazon for a good song or music book for the little ones also, I think I have found what I am looking for so I might go back on tomorrow to buy it. Toni was good today, she did heaps. Her reading is brilliant now, she is only 5 and I am amazed at how quickly she picks things up. She did some very simple multiplication or should I say ‘sets of’ 2 and 3. Its funny how much maths little children know, much more than we give them credit for. Ask them about if siblings have so many sweets and they know exactly how many more or less they need to even it out! Try it and see for yourself.

We have had some strange discussions of late too. My mother passed away just a few weeks ago and the little ones were fairly accepting of this. but just this week we had got some new cold water fish, we have tropical ones too but we just started a cold water tank. Anyways – we popped four gold fish in the tank last week and straight away we noticed one was sick. So I treated the water, stupid me for not lifting the fish out as we ended up losing all four fish. We cleaned the tank all out and started again, this time with two black moors. That’s by the by, the children asked where the fish went. I told them that they went to fishy heaven in the sky hhmmmmm to a five your old this is a great puzzle. So how did the fish get there? They swam?
So how come grandma is in heaven but you buried her in the ground – DOH I walked right into that one. The explanation we gave was that a person’s body is buried and their ‘feelings’ go to heaven, it was the best I could do when put on the spot like that. So all day we have had lengthy discussions about peoples feelings.

So when talking to a five year old … be careful what you say or tell them as you never know where it might lead.

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