Artisan Bread Test

As you all know I bake bread almost every day. It's so good to eat good tasty bread rather than the rubbish pan loaf that is available to us locally. I usually make my own bread from scratch but I spotted these bread mixes lately and was intrigued. I rarely buy a bread mix, I... Continue Reading →

One Down One To Go

All these weeks of hard work have paid off. Hopefully, for my children, who have been studying very hard for weeks and weeks. They did their first exam today and both Toni and Seb came out of the exam feeling mildly confident. They've been studying physics for an International GCSE qualification. They have another paper... Continue Reading →


The WordPress photo theme this week is the word twisted. I sat and mused over it, thinking that there was nothing I could think of. That was, until I started scrolling through my old photos. Twisted Here's my entry for the week... My cat, Walter, often lies in a twisted position. These trees are pretty... Continue Reading →

Books Or Paper – CFFC

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge is books or paper. Here's my entry, I hope you enjoy them. The first is an autographed book I received at Christmas from my eldest son. It's a cook book by Nigella Lawson. I had previously met Nigella Lawson and had her sign another book, she personalised it to my daughter... Continue Reading →

Vintage Shopping

I ended up going to Belfast today for an appointment, I took Sol with me for company. It was in the morning but ended up being there two hours, and by the time I drove the one hour journey home it took up half of my day. I arrived home with a staving Sol and... Continue Reading →

Which Way?

Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge. Same road, three very different looks. Which way? Why, the only way to go is up the hill. Which way photo challenge - click here for info.

My Passworded Posts

They are raw, uncensored, delicate and perhaps controversial. If you want a password please use the contact form at the top of my page and I will message you back within 24 hours. I am undertaking a new, hopefully incredible journey. I will share it with whoever asks, but it's not for open internet viewing.... Continue Reading →

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