Which Way?

Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge. Same road, three very different looks. Which way? Why, the only way to go is up the hill. Which way photo challenge - click here for info.

My Passworded Posts

They are raw, uncensored, delicate and perhaps controversial. If you want a password please use the contact form at the top of my page and I will message you back within 24 hours. I am undertaking a new, hopefully incredible journey. I will share it with whoever asks, but it's not for open internet viewing.... Continue Reading →

Tropical Bread

I made this bread! Totally my own recipe so I had to name it something good, which is Tropical Bread. The ingredients make me think of a Pina-Colada, a drink which I associate with the summer and my tropical holidays. So hear we go, it was a hit with the family by the way. I... Continue Reading →


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