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Copy Cat Hobnobs

Hobnobs are a British biscuit, they were launched in the 80s and are now the UK’s third most popular dunking biscuit. Biscuits in the UK are not to be confused with USA biscuits which resemble scones. UK biscuits are probably better known as cookies in the USA so if you want to call these hobnob cookies then go ahead. I […]

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Turkish Delight Slow Cooker Fudge

I have been trying different flavours of fudges lately with varying degrees of success. Today I made Turkish delight fudge and it turned out good. I have been assured by all that it was indeed very acceptable and yummy. I feel that next time I will lean towards the softer chocolate coated Turkish delight rather than the boxed ones. Here’s […]

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No Knead Artisan Bread

I did make this delight a few times recently, but the day I had planned on photographing the bread it got devoured before I had the chance to write about it. So I thought I ought to have another go while the children were all off being lazy elsewhere, they are all recovering from their pantomime show last night. The […]

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