Going Out

I’m that bad penny – I keep turning up. Every few months I pop in and say ‘hello’ to people here then I disappear again. Since lock down started my day job work has rapidly increased. It was noticed that I had certain skills and obviously some skills I didn’t know I had until I …

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Overnight Sandwich Bread

You all know that I bake bread where ever and when ever it’s possible. I try different recipes almost every day and adapt them to suit the ingredients that I have and like. I’ve been feeling lazy, we are on full lock down and as I am working from home I’ve not been getting up …

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Boxes Of Produce

On my recent trip to Turkey, I visited a market. I love taking photos of produce all laid out in rows or in this case, in tubs. Looks back through my last few visits to Turkey I did the same for herbs and teas too. So this is my #lines&squares entry for the day.

Tree Lines

This is a bit of a double meaning post. First of all it’s #lines&squares by Becky, then it’s Sunday Trees by Becca. I’ve been saving these tall tree photos all week especially for today, they were taken in Cairn Wood which is on the Craigantlet Hills, on the way to Belfast. I think the trees …

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Red Lines

Today’s #lines&squares entry is actually of Kizil Kule in Alanya, otherwise known as the Red Tower. Lots of lines, this is the view inside. Some angular edges to the castle. Some views, just because. And this one isn’t square.

Old Lines

An old museum dedicated to fishing in Alanya, Turkey was full of lines. Lines in the ceilings of the tunnels, lines make up the body of the fishing boats. This is my entry for #line&squares today.